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Co-creating a new Future of Health

A space to start building together

Be part of the first HEAL Forum in Latam


The challenge to transform and redefine the healthcare sector in Latin America requires team work and commitment from all companies and organizations in the region. A key aspect to create a better future in health is designing a more affordable, equitable, and accessible healthcare system that delivers improved outcomes. But how and where to start?

The Health Assurance Latam - HEAL team is glad to invite you to the first meeting of our association to discuss the necessary changes in Latam and launch the work committees, to transform healthcare and enhance access and primary care.  Payors, providers, pharma, entrepreneurs, and Venture Capitalists come together for this conversation and start transforming together the health sector in Latin America.

Don't miss it, save your spot here. 

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12:00 hs - 13:00 hs  (AR)
10:00hs - 11:00 hs (CO)
09:00 hs - 10:00 hs (MX)


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About HEAL

HEAL (Health Assurance Latam) stands out as a daring initiative with the goal of transforming and redefining the healthcare sector in Latin America.

By fostering radical collaboration among payors, providers, pharmaceuticals, solution providers, and the healthcare innovation  ecosystem, HEAL strives to champion proactive, affordable, and equitable care for everyone. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in reshaping healthcare, HEAL aims to narrow the gap between cutting-edge tech innovators and the point of care.

Its mission is to bring to fruition the innovative ideas that the healthcare sector needs for a more promising tomorrow.

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